The number of children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes has significantly increased in recent years. 20 years ago there were almost no such cases, as diabetes usually affects people aged 45+.

The main reason for the disease development is excess weight combined with genetic predisposition to diabetes development. Excess weight in children leads to the increase of the sugar concentration in blood which is, in its turn, the main reason for diabetes development.

Here are a few simple recommendations to minimize the risk of the disease development in your child:

  • Replace fruit juices in kids nutrition with water;
  • Suggest your kid fruits and vegetables instead of sweet bars as snacks;
  • Limit screen time for a child to 2 hours per day;
  • Add physical activity and walks to everyday activities;
  • Exclude high-fat dairy foods;
  • Healthy and nutritious breakfast every day. Statistically, people who are skipping breakfast, have higher blood sugar concentration.

Following these simple rules will help to keep your children healthy and positively affect their physical development and mental health. At the same time, remember the importance of regular health screenings. It’s easier to prevent a disease than to treat it!