That would be wonderful if you have:

At least Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field;
At least 2 years of real-world experience in implementing data science and computer vision projects;
Strong Python knowledge;
Strong knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures;
Strong knowledge in linear algebra, geometry, calculus, probability theory and statistics;
Experience with Machine Learning libraries like NumPy, Pandas, ScikitLearn;
Practical experience with OpenCV;
Experience in solving computer vision tasks like classification, detection, segmentation or others;
Practical experience with at least one Deep Learning framework like Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch;
Good knowledge and expirience with some of the well-known neural networks architectures such as: Yolo, U-Net, MobileNet, ResNet, R-CNN;
Strong knowledge of OOP;
Good written and spoken English;

Would be a plus:

Active kaggle participation;
Microsoft Azure or AWS;
Familiarity with NLP and Time Series forecasting;
Experience with OCR;
Practical experience with SQL, NoSQL;
Neural network model optimization methods;