Today, technology is an essential part of our lives. The rapid development and penetration of new technologies and software have already reached almost every industry. Of course, a big focus is on digitising healthcare. In many countries artificial intelligence is involved in the process of diagnosing diseases. For example, in ophthalmology, AI can be used to analyse a patient’s fundus. For this a special database is created with various images of the eye (both healthy and with deviations). The program learns to read and analyse changes of the fundus and after that returns the result of the screening.

A similar technology is used by scientists at Sun Yat-sen University’s Ophthalmological Centre: AI predicts the risks of a patient developing glaucoma. It estimates the risk of progressing visual field changes of patients dealing with glaucoma patients over the next three to five years.

With the use of AI, screening accuracy may drastically increase. Such accuracy is possible due to the exclusion of the human factor from the process. In addition, this allows the eye specialists to focus on the treatment of a disease.

At CheckEye, we see the integration of technologies as a very positive step towards improving healthcare  in Ukraine. That is why, with the ultimate goal of making our contribution in preserving the health of the  Ukrainian nation, we plan to launch mobile screening points for a quick and AI-enabled high-quality examination of patients’ eye fundus.