Gradually, Artificial intellect is being implemented in every sphere of a social life.  Usually the changes from those implementations are oriented on improving working processes inside organizations, and from the start are not so obvious for an end-use customer. But using artificial intellect in the medical sphere is a revolutionary step which will change the perception of the disease’s diagnostics and will make this process sensibly more comfortable for patients.

 Nowadays the most prevailing sphere in using AI in the medical industry is the eye diseases diagnostics. Artificial intellect making provisional diagnosis by analyzing a photograph of a patient’s eye. In most cases, AI gives more precise results than conservative diagnostics approach. Considerable progress is achieved by AI in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. 

The spreading of the innovative diagnostics approach increases the quality of medical services and alleviates its difference between cities and rural areas. Thanks to AI technologies any patient may receive high-quality consultation without leaving his home. 

It is easy to interchange the data, diagnostic results and treatment history via mobile applications, which is very convenient both for a doctor and a patient. This approach is democratizing and personalizing the health care system.

By implementing AI CheckCye aims to improve client experience and to increase the diseases diagnostics accuracy for every patient both in the cities and in rural areas!