The connection between type 2 diabetes and smoking has been established through numerous studies. As far back as 2013, Chinese researchers found that smoking one pack of cigarettes per day increases the risk of diabetes by 25%.

The key factor is visceral obesity, also known as “apple-shaped” obesity. Its distinction lies in the accumulation of fat beneath muscles and around internal organs. In small amounts, it exists in everyone without posing much danger. However, when the percentage of visceral fat exceeds the norm, it can lead to significant health problems.

Researchers conducted studies and revealed that the more frequently and extensively a person smokes, the higher the risk of developing visceral obesity. In turn, the accumulation of visceral fat leads to a situation where the body’s cells stop responding to insulin. As a result, insulin fails to facilitate the entry of glucose into the bloodstream, preventing it from being stored adequately. This is how diabetes develops.