Kyrylo Goncharuk, CEO at CheckEye, has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Diabetes Federation. With his extensive background in senior IT roles. Kyrylo is poised to   facilitate the process of digital transformation within the framework of the UDF’s National Program.

The key focus of the program is on the early detection of diabetes and screening for its complications and introduction  of a patient-centric approach in health services. This should improve the quality of life for the Ukrainian patients. 

Kyrylo Goncharuk said: “Together we are working towards changing the world for the better by implementing effective reforms which will help patients with diabetes live fulfilling lives despite the diagnosis. With early detection and preventative treatments we can minimise the  effects of the disease on patients’ lives and improve the health of the nation.”

CheckEye and the Ukrainian Diabetes Federation have a common goal which is to accelerate the transition from reactive to preventive medicine which is expected to increase the rate of successful treatment  and the general welfare of the population, through early diagnosis and treatment cost reduction. 

Today, in the midst of the Russian war in Ukraine, this is especially important as war-related stress is known to cause spikes in the diabetes cases. At the UDF and CheckEye, we are committed to working together for the health benefit of the Ukrainian nation.