A revolutionary therapy that has significantly improved the effectiveness of treating diabetic retinopathy is known as Anti-VEGF therapy. It is based on combating the growth factor called VEGF protein, which triggers the development of abnormal retinal blood vessels.

Anti-VEGF therapy involves the administration of specially designed drugs through injections into the eye to prevent the growth of new blood vessels.

The benefits of Anti-VEGF therapy in treating diabetic retinopathy are substantial. It effectively reduces macular edema in the central part of the retina, thereby improving the vision of patients.

However, Anti-VEGF therapy is just one of the available treatment options for diabetic retinopathy. The choice of the most suitable approach to treatment depends on several factors, including the stage and severity of the disease, individual patient characteristics, and professional recommendations from ophthalmologists.

For people with diabetes, it is crucially important to undergo regular eye examinations to detect the disease at an early stage and prevent its possible progression, which can lead to irreversible vision loss. CheckEye technology allows for the detection of diabetic retinopathy at the early stages, starting treatment in time, and preventing vision loss.