CheckEye and the Ukrainian Diabetes Federation worked together to facilitate the delivery of Direct Relief’s second tranche of humanitarian aid, including glucose meters and test strips, for people with diabetes to Ukraine. Medications will be sent to patients for immediate use in 15 regions of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, more than 2.3 million people need constant monitoring of their sugar levels due to diabetes. 
Valentina Ocheretenko Head of the UFD noted that the Ukrainian IT community has been instrumental in attracting support from international relief organisations and ensuring fast delivery of glucose meters and test strips to Ukraine.

Kirill Goncharuk CEO of CheckEye, an IT startup which enables an early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy with the use of AI, emphasised that today the IT industry has become a part of the humanitarian front of Ukraine and is doing everything to protect and improve the standard of living of Ukrainians in the context of the war against the aggressor. According to UDF, this second tranche of humanitarian assistance for people with diabetes by Direct Relief is one of the largest that Ukraine has received this year.