Healthy lifestyle may prevent type 2 diabetes which is the most common form of diabetic disease today. You should pay extreme attention to your lifestyle if you are in a risk group: if you have excess weight, high blood cholesterol level or genetic predisposition to diabetic disease.
Even a small change in your everyday program today may help to preserve your health in future.

  1. Get rid of excess weight. According to American Diabetic Association statistics, the risk of developing diabetes is 60% for those who lost not less than 10% of body mass. Developing a special diet or/and physical activities program together with your doctor will give even better results.
  2. Implement physical exercises routine into your everyday life. Regular workouts help to reduce blood sugar level and to increase the natural sensibility to insulin.
  3. Eat more plant-based food. Fruits and vegetables bringing vitamins and microelements to human body. Avoid so called “bad carbs”. Those are products with a high quantity of sugar and low quantity of nutritive substances: white flour bread, pasta from wheat flour, fruit juices and processed food with sugar or sugar syrup. 
  4. Eat lean fats. Unsaturated fats have a positive effect on blood cholesterol level and cardiovascular system. Lean fans can be found in:
  • olive and sunflower oil;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • oil rich fish (salmon, code, tuna, scumbria).

As an alternative, you can have fat free dairy products and not fat chicken/pork.
Following simple rules will help to preserve your health and regular health screenings will help to prevent diseased development. Remember, it is always easier and more effective to prevent a disease than treat it!