Our joint mission is the implementation of preventive medicine. Our ongoing project, which has been running for over half a year, is to reduce disability among diabetic patients and relieve medical staff from excessive burdens.

Currently, we are actively using our CheckEye platform for mass screening of diabetic retinopathy (DR). 125 individuals have already been tested, and artificial intelligence has diagnosed DR in 22 of them, while a physician identified DR in only 10. The most vulnerable of all diagnosed patients are the elderly (over 64 years old), comprising 59 percent.

The results are certainly disheartening. However, our platform’s performance is impressive, allowing for the screening of many patients and providing faster and more accurate results than traditional examination methods by a physician. The CheckEye screening platform has succeeded significantly, including winning a prize at Startup Nights in Switzerland. It is a substantial victory for us, demonstrating the effectiveness of the innovative approach of CheckEye. We thank Zakarpattia Endo Clinic for their partnership and the opportunity to showcase our technology.

We are delighted that modern clinics like Zakarpattia Endo Clinic are committed to developing and improving medical services for their patients alongside CheckEye. We are proud of this successful partnership and confidently move forward!